Engage your audience with CatchBox, the World's first soft throwable microphone
Make your next Conference, Meeting or Lecture more engaging and fun with the first microphone designed for audience participation. Instead of slowly passing around a stick microphone, simply throw the soft Catchbox
Catchbox is ideal for
Conferences and Events
Engage Your Attendees With Catchbox, The World's First Throwable Microphone for Fast & Easy Q&A
Education & Lectures
Engage Your Students With Catchbox, The World's First Throwable Microphone for Classroom Participation

We offer 15% discount for schools and universities
Corporate Meetings
Empower Employees With Catchbox, The World's First Throwable Microphone for More Effective Meetings

How it works
See how Catchbox solves the problem that traditional mikes are unable to address
Catchbox - How it works
4K Time-lapse Clip
Focus On Participation, Not Just Information
People don't go to lectures, conferences, or meetings just to listen to someone talk; that is what youtube, email, and the internet is for. Instead, events should be about engagement, participation, and discussion, not just information.
Make Audience Participation Fast & Easy
With Catchbox, getting audiences to participate becomes as easy as throwing them the box. Because this is faster and easier than passing a handheld microphone, questions, comments, and discussion become more spontaneous and can occur throughout a presentation or lecture, not just at the end.
Catchbox Breaks the ice and lighten up the mood
Most people are afraid of speaking in front of their peers, limiting discussion. The colorful playful Catchbox easily breaks the ice and lightens the mood at any event. Participation becomes more relaxed, fun, and game like. This means even the quietest attendees aren't afraid to speak up, and that the all important "silly obvious" questions get asked.
Buy or Rent Catchbox
Gumtoo is an official re-seller of Catchbox in Singapore. You can buy Catchbox or if you want to try first, rent it out and see for yourself how Catchbox can change audience engagement at your event.
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CatchBox Pro
Great for: Conferences, Venues, Large Events

The Audience Engagement Solution For Larger, More Demanding Events

The Catchbox Pro is a module, converting existing beltpack transmitters, or lavalier microphones, into throwable microphones. This means it is easy to integrate with any event that already has a working wireless microphone setup. Users simply connect their existing beltpack transmitter into the Catchbox Pro's built in mic and Automute electronics.

Does not include a wireless transmitter or receiver

SGD 700
Customise Catchbox
Replaceable covers that can be customised
Price - SGD 150
If a building becomes architecture, then it is art
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